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Covid-19 Update

Please see our latest client guidelines below

In light of the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation we are performing only emergency procedures and appointments at the moment. To help ensure the safety of our staff and clients, we are operating as a closed door practice for the foreseeable future.

Please read through the following section that is relevant to you before arriving at any of our branches. We hope this information will make your visit with us as seamless as possible in this "new normal". 

Pet Medical/Surgical Admissions Appointment  

Our veterinary team will be wearing PPE whenever they are dealing with our clients

  1. All appointments should be by appointment only. Please ring and book for an appointment slot. We are providing 15 minute appointment slots that are being staggered to prevent overflow. This means we are at a little less capacity to our norm - so please be understanding if we cannot offer you a time slot that suits.
  2. When coming to the practice with your pet please make sure it is only one healthy person with your pet. If you are an in-contact and self-isolating please have a healthy person bring your pet instead. The person bringing your pet may provide us with information about your pet's symptoms BUT please ensure we can contact you by phone to discuss your pet's case. 
    NOTE: This process also applies for our clients that are required to cocoon. 
  3. When you arrive for your appointment at your alloted time, please remain in your car. You must again ring the practice to confirm your arrival. A member of the veterinary team will then be out to collect your pet from you and gather information regards your pet's health.
  4. If, for whatever reason, you cannot come to your pet's appointment on your own and have other people in your vehicle with you, please have them remain in the vehicle. We want to follow government guidelines regards social distancing were and whenever possible.
  5. When possible please use contactless card payment. The key pad of our card machine will be disinfected between people using it.
  6. Your pet will be dropped back out to you after they have had their appointment. We will discuss their case and go through any needs they may have e.g. medications etc

Ordering Pet Food and Animal Medications 

The following guidelines apply to our pet owners and farming clients:

  1. Call ahead and order your pet's food and/or livestock/pet medications. Give the name under which it will be collected.
  2. When possible, please pay over the phone with your card once you've placed your order.
  3. When you arrive for collection please queue at the back door with the trolley beside itDO NOT wait at the front door or sliding glass doors. If you are queueing please maintain a 2m distance from other clients. 
  4. There is a bell to ring just to the right of this door should you need to alert staff at reception of your arrival.