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Herd Health

A reliable partner to our farmers

Our team at O'Dowd Veterinary know the importance of being a reliable partner to our beef and dairy farmers.

We endeavour to help our farmers optimise their herd health and welfare as these are key areas to improving overall efficiency and output from their livestock.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Farm Biosecurity
  • Herd Health Plan Development
  • Calf Health
  • Fertility Management
  • Bull Fertility
  • Bovine Ultrasound Scanning
  • Surgery
  • TB Testing

24/7 Emergency Service

We have 24/7 emergency service because we know livestock may require veterinary assistance at any time; day or night.

Call 041 685 3722 and get through to our hospital or be directed through our vet on call.


Farm Biosecurity

We know how critical it is for a farmer to manage health issues within their herd. We offer our knowledge and skills to help farmers actively investigate and prevent against the occurrence of issues within areas of concern. For example; mastitis, lameness, abortions and potentially unseen issues causing loss of production.

Herd Health Plan Development

Developing a robust and effective herd health plan can be a daunting prospect as it involves many aspects of herd medicine. We offer our knowledge and recommendations on areas such as biosecurity, nutrition, housing, parasite control and reproduction. All with an individual farm focus.

Calf Health

Young calf management is not an easy job. Aiming to achieve better health and thrift targets allows our farmers to reap the benefits in the short and long term.

We offer advice and plans on nutrition, housing and disease control. Additionally, we offer visits to your farm to help deal with individual sick calves.

Fertility Management

Fertility management is vital for optimum outcomes from your livestock. We assist in areas such as pre-breeding, synchronisation, nutrition, emergency caesarean sections, abortions and reproductive health.

Bull Fertility

We utilise our in-house laboratory to assess a bull's fertility status. A useful test for anyone wanting to ensure their bull is ready as a productive and genuine breeder. We can also assess a bull's fertility pre-sale and provide certification of our results.

Bovine Ultrasound Scanning

Our bovine ultrasound scanning service includes:

  • Routine pre-breeding scanning
  • Routine early pregnancy diagnosis
  • Identification of problem cows
  • Ultrasound examination of repeat breeders


We provide surgical interventions when required for both routine and emergency cases. Such as caesarean sections, bull castrations, dehorning etc

TB Testing

We perform routine and private TB testing for our farm clients.