New Puppy Guide

Our advice to welcome a puppy in your life

Where do I start?

Puppies needs lots of care and attention. This may seem obvious but it can be very easy to underestimate the level of work required when introducing a new puppy into your life. It's also worth pointing out puppy ownership inevitably turns into dog ownership and adult dogs too bring their own challenges.

We understand the love and company a dog can bring to your life. However, before taking on the responsibility of dog ownership think about whether owning a dog suits your lifestyle at the moment.

  • Can you afford the time and investment to keep your new pet in good health and well rounded behaviour?

Puppies are a big demand on your time. They require lots of positive consistent training to avoid behavioural issues.

  • Do you have the time to invest in this training and attention?

Ongoing costs beyond the potential initial purchase should be considered:

  • These include preventative health care, emergency health care, pet insurance, and a high quality diet.

If you think you cannot meet these requirements at this stage in your life we would advise volunteering with animal rescues or join a dog walking group to get your canine kicks. When your lifestyle allows you the chance to give a new pet all they need to lead a happy and healthy life, then we would recommend getting a new pet.

If you know you can take on the responsibility of dog ownership click the articles below to find out more.