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Sourcing a new puppy

Where to look for your new pet?

When you are ready for a new dog in your life you may be looking in the following places for your new pet.

Animal charities

Many of these charities work closely with a veterinary practice. The benefit of animal charities beyond the great work they do is the fact you will be rehoming an animal that would greatly benefit becoming a member of your family. You may be looking for a puppy but older dogs can make excellent pets and you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. We've seen some amazing rescue dogs in practice that are beloved family members. Rescuing a dog is an exciting endeavour! 



There is only ONE website we recommend sourcing your new pet fro: Pet Bond. This website was founded and managed by vets. It is Ireland’s most safe and trusted online platform where anyone can source a happy and healthy pet.

If you are looking on other websites please go to Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group to find out whether the website you are looking at is deemed ethical and of a high animal welfare standard.

Pedigree Breeders

We understand that you may want a pedigree puppy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous breeders masquerading as quality breeders in Ireland driven by the high cost of puppies at the moment. Avoid being #petfished by a deceitful individual who lures you into thinking your potential new pet comes from a happy home but is in fact puppy farmed or bred purely for profit.

Read our article to find out our recommendations and tips when sourcing from a breeder. This should help you discern the reputable breeder from the deceitful one: Step-by-step purchasing guide.

The UK Kennel Club has an 'Assured Breeder Scheme' if you wish to use this scheme alongside our step-by-step guide when sourcing your puppy from a breeder. Find an Assured Breeder.

New Puppy Guide