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In-House Laboratory

Explore our In-House Laboratory here in O'Dowd Veterinary

We have an In-House Laboratory here in O'Dowd Veterinary to help the veterinary team assist with patient diagnosis. See below for more information on what we use our laboratory for;


A biochemistry blood panel helps to assess the level and ranges of chemicals that are found dissolved in the blood. The data collected is used to assess things such as your pet's kidney and liver function for example.


Urine Analysis is a range of tests performed on your pet's urine sample that include cytology, sediment and chemical analysis.


Haematology testing is done to assess your pet's complete blood count (CBC). A CBC involves checking the levels of platelets, white and red blood cells are within normal ranges and assessing if there are any abnormal cells present. We use a cutting edge in-house haematology analyser as well as microscopy assessment of blood smears to attain our CBC results.


The use of SNAP testing with ELISA technology enables our veterinary team to perform blood assay tests for an array of conditions; including ones such as FeLV/FIV and pancreatitis. They are a very useful tool due to their speed, specificity and sensitivity.


We offer a range of in-house investigative dermatology tests such as Fine Needle Aspirates (FNAs), cytology staining and impression smears for a range of skin issues.


Through the use of microscopy we can assess whether your pet has some unwelcome creepy crawly visitors. We also use some specific SNAP tests and the use of referral labs.


When more in-depth specialist testing and opinion is required, we send samples to a range of referral labs to help with your pet's diagnosis.