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Microchipping your cat and/or dog service is available here at O'Dowd Veterinary

Microchipping your cat and/or dog service is available here at O'Dowd Veterinary.

Dog Owners

Microchipping is extremely beneficial for dog owners. We have managed to happily reunite many lost dogs with their relieved owners here at O'Dowd Veterinary. All thanks to microchipping.

As of March 2016 it is a legal obligation of a dog owner to ensure that their dog is microchipped and registered in their name.  Failure to do so could mean a fine up to €5,000. 

Veterinary Professionals cannot enforce the law; that is the responsibility of Local Authorities, Authorised Officers under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 and An Garda Siochana. However, we will happily help you ensure that your dog is microchipped and registered.

Cat Owners

While it is not a legal obligation to microchip your cat, we have seen the benefits first hand here in O'Dowd Veterinary of doing so. For example, we've reunited owners with their lost cats and in the very unusual case of a multihousehold cat have managed to prevent a cat having surgery as we could scan it's chip and could then establish it had already been neutered: saving the second owner money and the cat an unnecessary procedure. Win win!


Do I need any paperwork to get my pet microchipped? 

Yes! Please bring a valid I.D. and proof of address (e.g utility bill)

Why am I being asked to microchip my pet? 

In relation to dogs, as of March 2016 it is a legal requirement. We can't enforce the law here in O'Dowd Veterinary, but we do endeavour to help our clients be in compliance with the law. On a more joyous note, microchipping simply helps to reunite lost pet's with their owners.

 Is microchipping painful?

Microchipping like any needle can be uncomfortable, but the discomfort does not last long. In fact many pets pass no remarks during microchip insertion.

How does a microchip work? 

A microchip contains a unique 15 digit number that will be registered to the owner. The microchip contains only this number and no other information. The owner details are stored on one of the Approved Irish databases.

How long does the microchip last? 

The entire lifetime of your pet.

Fido.ie (one of the Approved Irish Databases) has an excellent FAQ page. Click the link to find out more:  Fido FAQs