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We offer a range of small animal surgical procedures at O'Dowd Veterinary

As a first opinion practice, we perform a wide rage of general surgeries for clients' pets.

General surgery

Typically, your pet will be booked in for a surgical procedure after discussion with one of our vets during a clinical consultation. If your pet is undergoing a surgical procedure they will require sedation or general anaesthetic (which method depends on a variety of factors). 

To learn more about how you can help safely prepare your pet for a surgical procedure read our advice here:  Prepare your pet for their procedure.

Biopsy surgery

Your pet may develop symptoms over the course of their life that may require further investigation. One of the investigative techniques we use is a surgical biopsy.

A surgical biopsy involves surgically removing a sample(s) of tissue from your pet. The sample is then sent to a referral laboratory for further specialist investigation.

Once we receive the report back from the laboratory we will contact you about the results to discuss.