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Dog Grooming

On Ardee Hospital premises

Anki's grooming parlour

Anki joined O'Dowd Veterinary in 2008. She has won many accolades as a dog groomer, which include the runner up Irish Groomer of the Year 2011. One of the many reasons why appointments with her are well sought after. Anki is also part of the dog obedience training team at O’Dowd Veterinary. She spends her free time with her own dogs and is involved in horse riding. She can also be found amazing the team with her ever growing aquarium of exotic fish.

Anki gained a love for the craft from her Grandmother, also a dog groomer, whom she watched from an early age.

“Dog grooming is not just about making your pet pretty. Good grooming can contribute greatly to the health and emotional well-being of your pet, not to mention how much they enjoy it.” - Anki Overnas

Anki's grooming parlour is on the Ardee Hospital premises. She is passionate about her work and emphasises that regular grooming is an important aspect of caring for your pet; as it promotes healthy skin and overall well-being.

The visual health check with every grooming appointment does not replace the crucial annual check up with the vet. However, it does help to monitor the overall health of your dog, as during grooming, symptoms such as swellings, cuts, infections and change in mood can be identified at an early stage.


  • Bath and blow dry, incl. conditioning treatment
  • Clipping of nails 
  • Cleaning / plucking of ears
  • Cleaning of eyes
  • Trimming of coat
  • Checking anal glands

All the grooming products Anki uses are tailored to the specific skin and coat requirements of your pet. Anki works in a relaxed atmosphere with all breeds and with years of experience she is renowned for instantly building great rapport and relationships with all her clients.


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