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Hospitalisation Facilities

Our Practice is designed to be stress free for pets and their owners


When our Ardee Hospital was renovated in 2012, it was designed to be as comfortable and stress free for your pet as possible. We have a large dog ward and a separate cat ward to help keep our canine and feline patients separate. Additionally, we have an isolation ward for pets that are ill with infectious diseases.

Our hospitilisation facilities are vital in enabling us to monitor and provide intensive care to our patients that may require it. They also provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet to recover from routine procedures.

Cat Ward 

Our cat ward is completely purpose built and is a separate area from the dog ward. For our feline patients this is very important as the presence of dogs can be stressful for them, particularly if they are ill. While your kitten/cat stays with us they will have a quiet and comfortable environment to rest and recuperate, and if they feel up to it, they'll receive lots of cuddles too.

Dog Ward 

Our large and spacious dog ward consists of shoreline and walk-in kennels of varying sizes to accommodate our little to large canine in-patients. While your puppy/dog stays with us they will have the comfort of cuddles from staff, fresh cosy bedding and the daily soundtrack of classical music to help them feel relaxed and comfortable.